Tea Vending Machine
Coffee Premixes are the complete mixture of top quality ingredients like coffee beans powder, milk solids etc., that are used in vending machines for the instant preparation of coffee.
Coffee Vending Machine
Coffee Vending Machines are electronic appliances that are popularly used in offices, hospitals, and other public buildings. They are availed in various models as per their size and storage capacity.
Tea Premixes
Tea Premixes are the exact proportioned ready-made mixture of ingredients used for in tea making. These mixtures are made from natural ingredient and herbs which helps to stimulate the body.
Original Karak Tea
Original Karak Tea consist of best quality of natural ingredients like tea, sugar and various spices used in tea. These are beneficial to the human body and helps to circulate blood flow.
Two Option Vending Machine
Two Option Vending Machines are the fast and efficient solution to make tea, coffee and other hot beverages. They are commonly used in public buildings such as offices, factories, hospitals etc.
Masala Tea
Masala Tea is flavoured rich herbal drink with various health benefits. They helps to improve digestion, blood circulation and stimulates the body. The mixture contains various natural and best quality herbs.

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